14093 Mill Street | PO Box 420 | Collins, New York 14034 | Phone: (716) 532-4874

Collins Fire Co.

Collins Fire Company located at 2365 Main Street, Collins, NY 14034                                                                                   Correspondence should be mailed to: Collins Fire District, P. O. Box 113, Collins, NY 14034
Fire Company #1 Established 1925 

Collins Fire Department Installation Dinner
Saturday, March 4, 2017
Gowanda American Legion

2017 Meetings start promptly at 7 p.m. - Notification made by order of the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Collins Fire District.

Meetings held at Collins Center Fire Hall, 3514 Main St., include the following:  Jan 19, Feb 16, March 16, April 20, May 18 and June 15.
Meetings held at Collins Fire Hall, 2365 Main St., July 20, Aug. 17 Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec. 21 and December 27

Siren Test 7:00 pm every Wednesday

Junior firefighter meetings are at 7:00 pm the Thursday following each Fire Company meeting. Currently there are 6 junior firefighters with restrictions.


  • President: Dennis Jensen
  • Vice President: Katherine Gordon   
  • Treasurer: David Reeves
  • Secretary: Tracy Brown 
  • Trustees: Gerald Swanson, Shawn Kelly, Steven Grimm

Line Officers

  • Chief: Kevin Gordon
  • 1st Assistant Chief: Steve Lillie
  • 2nd Assistant Chief: Rick Johnson
  • Truck Captains:
    • #2 Michael Brown
    • #4 Donald Veloski
    • #7 Shawn Kelly
    • Extrication Captain James Lunch
  • Safety Officers: Michael Brown, Thomas Flynn, David Reeves

Membership Committee - Katherine Gordon, Julie Kunch, Gerald Swanson

Fire Company Members

Birtchnall, Paul
Brown, Mike
Brown, Tracy
Capozzi, Armondo
Duncan, David
Eddy, James
Feidt, Robert Bubba
Finch, Dawn
Flynn, Jeanette
Flynn, Thomas
Gernatt, James
Gernatt, Francis
Gordon, Katherine
Gordon, Kevin
Grimm, Justin
Grimm, Steven
Heintz, Jim
Jensen, Dennis
Johnson, Rick
Kelly, Shawn
Korosec, Michael
Kunch, James
Kunch, Julie
Kusiowski, Frank Sr.
Lillie, Stephen
Luther, Marvin
McIntire, Dylan
McIntire, Ryan
Naples, Michael

North, Darren
Parker, William
Pope, Gary
Reeves, David
Smith, Matthew
Start, Raymond
Stickfaden, Eric
Swanson, Gerald
Trewer, Ted
Valone, Leonard
Veloski, Donald
Walia, Jeff
West, Sylvia

Honorary Member
John Shaw
Inactive Members
Bobseine, Jeffrey
Butzer, Harold
Gernatt Jr., Daniel
Gernatt, Thomas
Miller, Paul
Parish, Howard D. 
Membership Committee
Gordon, Katherine, Kunch, Julie
Swanson, Gerald

Auxiliary Officers

President: Rose Bolen
Vice President: Peg Luther
Treasurer: Mary Brown
Secretary: Debbie Stockwell
Active Members
Rose Bolen Apr. 2012
Mary Brown Mar. 1986
Valerie Brown Nov. 2014
Gerry Kelly Sept. 2002
Jessica Kelly Feb. 2010
Carol Leonard Apr. 1958
Peggy Luther Nov. 2005
Lori Parsell Mar. 2002
Ellen Pope Apr. 2001
Debbie Stockwell Apr. 2012
H. Jean Wygant Feb. 2001

Honorary Members
Jane Minekime Oct. 1957

Anne Keppel Jan. 1990


Junior Firefighters

Tracy Brown
Shawn Kelly

Junior Firefighters
Maxwell Crosson
Giovanni Gallo


President: Maxwell Croon
Vice President: Giovanni Gallo